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The Mitt Romney campaign called today. The conversation went as followed: 3:00pm

Sweet middle aged lady: Hi, cialis canada cialis My name is Susan B. I’m from the Mitt Rommey campaign have you considered who you will be voting for this election:

A: Hi Susan, best viagra viagra (baby in hands being fussy) I can tell you right now – I definitely would work for Mr. Mitt. but this house is voting for Obama again.

Susan: Hun? (quickly interrupted)

A: I mean – i really like some of the views Mr. Mitt has and as a conservative in my home – I respect his values – and I would totally work for him because i think he has a good sense for money.

Susan: Well do you think the democratic will get us out of this recession?

A: Darling… we can play the — your guy gets elected and the democratic don’t play nicely for 4 more years but we all lose in that game – so you tell me.. whats better —

Susan: Amen to that…

A: As an artist — sometimes i need a little more time.. and I think we all need a little more time to get the job done right. Plus I believe that Mitt would give Pres. Obama more time – if it was in a corporate setting.. it’s in his character it’s in his values

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. So we need to give him a chance – So for me it’s all about timing.

Susan: (pause) Well that was really unique and different response.

A. I’m glad – but quickly have you considered voting for Obama?

Susan: (LOL) Thank You. Have Great Day.

A.: You too.. maybe next time.

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