Goat Cheese

We got amazing goat cheese from the farmers market. I had it for lunch and then just passed out, discount viagra I’ll let you know if it happens again, because I’m pretty sure that’s not supposed to happen.


are you asking for a pickle with a crown and scepter?

“yes” the pickle king.



c-list response

Random -“would $50 buy the go-cary?”

A: Anything that can kill you should cost at least 100$ this has two seats .. so that is $200..  add the person that you could run over.. final total makes  a $300 death machine.

umm no

they are not drones america – they are just quad-copters with go-pro cameras. so stop calling them that.. Chaney invented the real drones and he’s getting pissed.


CRS. Get a contractor.

A. its hard being a artist sometimes
people expect me to do it.. or i expect people to expect me to do it, viagra usa pharm
so i have to do it.



CR. Why do i want a curved tv?

A. Why do you want a hug? Because the field of view surrounds you like arms around you.


NM. Thanks for the motivational Speech.

A.  i wasn’t trying to be motivational – i was just telling you how life is.

You kinda find out everything you are good at when you are young – everything now will take work or seem hard. So time is your best friend and getting old actually means getting awesome. I’m really glad i’m getting old. Cause i’ve had the time to get awesome.

You will be old one day too. don’t worry.




S. Did you wake up this morning and go golfing in the MGA?

A. Yup.

S. Isn’t that what a 60 year old retired guy would do?

A. Maybe – we could do anything

S. You know your not 60 right?

A. … (STARE) grrrr

Work + JP

jP: Amigo -two things: 1) what’s the plan for putting the revised website in production , viagra cialis 2) when I try to login to full identity I get this:  “Your account has been deactivated.”

A: i hate gypsy,  try now

JP: Thanks – did gypsy’s deactivate my account.

A. Yes.

work + J

J:  Can we use what i sent you –

A. Yeah. I just need to make it look like i did it – not you.

J. So we can’t use what  I sent you

A. Of course not.

J. Fine



Dad: Life would be pretty boring without surprises.

A. ok

Dad: if you keep living in habits like having the same coffee every single day, viagra buy viagra you’ll die. Repetition is associated with old people.